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Worship Paraments

Worship paraments.  Worship paraments have been designed by the Sunday School classes and then brought to life by talented seamstresses in our congregation, Dee Rose and Susie Henning.  Thank you students, teachers and seamstresses!  

Red: the confirmation/high-school youth class led by Pastor Nick designed red paraments that were used for the first time on Reformation Sunday 2010.

Blue: new set of paraments for Advent were been designed by our elementary-age Sunday school class led by Terri and Chip Sakakeeny.  The design features the Advent candles which symbolize the light of Christ brought into the world. The banners are blue, the color of hope, a primary theme of the Advent Season. 

White: paraments for Christmas were designed by Dee Rose and depict the nativity of our Lord.  Ephiphany paraments were designed by the preschool Sunday School class led by teachers Bridgette Shamburger and Julie Nelson and feature the children's design of the three Kings bearing gifts.


Purple: paraments for Lent are purple, the stark color of repentance and solemnity. Gwen Roof created these beautiful paraments from a design developed by the adult Sunday School classes.

White (for the Easter season): the paraments for Easter were designed and sewn by Dee Rose and Susie Henning and feature fields of butterflies, symbolizing resurrection and life.

Green (after Epiphany and Pentecost): Our newest paraments were designed and sewn by Dee Rose. Green is used in seasons to indicate our growth in faith as we follow the teachings and ministry of Christ.