Member Directory

Access to the Member Directory is controlled since it contains members' personal contact information. There are two ways to obtain the directory:
  1. Use the email address you provided to the church along with a corresponding gmail password* to sign into the members-only website
  2. Request that the Disciple Directory be emailed to you (no log in necessary) by clicking here (note: it may take up to 24 hours)
Please send any corrections or updates to your directory information to 

Current version of the Member Directory: September 30, 2019
Current version of the Picture Directory: November 13, 2018

*Notes on password to use: If the email address you provided the church is a gmail account, you will be able to sign into the directory with your gmail password. If it is any other email provider, you will need to "Create your Google Account" choosing to use your current email address which you provided the church.

Sunday Worship Assistant Schedule

The monthly schedule for worship assistants along with duties and substitutes can be found here.

Documents and Forms

Church Council meeting minutes. Minutes are posted after approval at the following month's meeting. 





Launch Team meeting minutes (2010)

Published church policies and guidelines

Congregational meeting minutes (posted after approval)

Other meetings

Annual reports

Annual committee reports


Reference documents

Wednesday Connections archive