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Email Help with the Newsletter

Wednesday Connections, the newsletter of Abiding Grace, is sent out via email to all subscribers each Tuesday evening (bi-weekly during the summer months). The MailChimp online email service is used. If you are having problems receiving the emails, please use the following tips:
  1. Are you signed up for the newsletter? If you're a member, the email address you provided should be subscribed. You can check by going to the subscription page, entering your email address and name, and hitting "Subscribe to list." If you're already subscribed it will say so. If you're not subscribed, the preceding action will subscribe you.
  2. Check to see if the newsletter note is your email "spam" folder. If so, try putting into your address book—some times that helps the newsletter not to be marked as spam. That is the reply email address for the newsletter. Your email system may have other ways to use so the newsletter is not marked as spam.
  3. Some email systems such as Gmail use "Tabs" to organize your inbox, and the newsletter may be in a different tab. For example, Gmail puts the newsletter in the "Promotions" tab rather than "Primary" tab which holds your normal email. Check that.
  4. Do you receive the emails but there aren't any pictures? Most email systems won't automatically display pictures—look for a button to click (usually near the top). It may be called something like "Show Remote Content."
  5. If all else fails, you can always view the newsletter (current and past issues) online on our website at